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10 Years Consumer Warranty

We have commercialised these  tiles since 2013 in Australia and have had no warranty issues with them.

Australian Local Stock

Our products are stored on the Gold Coast. We do same day dispatch for faster delivery.

Designed in Australia

Designed and tested in Australian weather conditions for durability and withstanding weather conditions.

10 Years Consumer Warranty

We have commercialised these deck tiles since 2013 in Australia and have had no warranty issues with them.

Australian Local Stock

Our products are stored on the Gold Coast. We do same day dispatch for faster delivery.

Designed in Australia

Designed and tested in Australian weather conditions for durability and withstanding weather conditions.

DECKODeck Tiles Your Best Outdoor
Flooring Solution

Deck Tiles Your Best Outdoor
Flooring Solution


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Economic at install and through lifespan as well

Competitive pricing and delivery to your door for our composite wood tiles. You can order the exact quantity required as we can open boxes for you.
95% of our customers install themselves. No professionals needed to install - it is a DIY product. No maintenance, no sanding, no painting, no oiling yearly twice like on timber decks.
They are very economical through their lifespan. Several customers who are tenants are purchasing the tiles and will take them to their new property in the event of a move.

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DIY Install and Ready to Use

It is a fully finished product. It is like a lego - In average our customers are laying 1 square metre/ 1 minute without the cuts involved.
Kids and happy customers, ladies over 60 are laying the decking tiles themselves.
We are supporting with the right design and sharing the best practices for you. Every wood cutting saw can cut the tiles.
If you need you can hire a handyman or take your tiles with cutting marks to a workshop to be cut for you. No hassle with staining, sanding, oiling, painting of the composite decking tiles.
as specialised tradesman.

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Composite decking tiles are extremely durable and hard wearing, even in Australia’s harsh climate, thanks to its engineered blend.
Durability is guaranteed and Decko backs with a 10 years consumer warranty. Decko composite wood decking tiles are splinter-free and slip-resistant,
making outdoor areas a little safer for bare feet, small children, and pets.

epson ecotank is enviromentally friendly
Environmentally friendly

Composite decking tiles provide the look and feel of wood without the environmental impact. The deck tiles are made using mostly recycled content and is recycable itself.
This is one of the main advantages of composite wood decking tiles in our opinion.

non slippery decking
Safe and Pleasant to Walk on it Barefoot

This composite wood decking tiles are designed to interlock and without any fasteners to don’t twist, move or balance on different supporting surfaces.
This way even heated by the sun, they don’t transmit the heat as there is no full contact with your skin.
They have a sanded, brush surface which together with the grooves are not slippery at all. Not in the rain and not near the pools.

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Maintenance free and easy to clean

If you use the right composite decking tiles (and you will with us) there is far less maintenance needed to keep your eco friendly deck looking great.
You can forget about sanding back and re-oiling or staining. With a composite deck you just need to do is occasionally give it a good scrub and wash it down.
This composite decking tiles have a great advantage. The wind is blowing (alternatively your blower) and cleaning from dust and dirt the surface which falls in the gaps under the tiles.
The rain is washing down (if covered you can hose it) all the dirt and dust from the surface to the under tile gap. Make a try - barefoot you will have no sticking dust to your feet like on a tiled,
concreted and paved surface where the dirt and dust always sediments.

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Peace of mind - No termite, no rotting, no mould or mildew.

Composite decking is designed to give you peace of mind. It resists fading, staining, scratching and mold, and won’t rot, crack or warp.
It’s also insect-proof and splinter-free, making it safer, more convenient and comfortable for families with kids and pets.
they are extruded with a content of resins and plastics, bonding agents, the 55% wood is protected and waterproof. So no rotting issues. Easy to clean just by high pressure cleaner.
hey are also keeping away the termites from your home. Simply is not something to feed the pests.

DECKO: Your Deck Tiles Specialists

Best shipping rates

We work hard to provide our clients with non expensive shipping costs by tendering various couriers.

Australian Company

We are a local Australian owned and operated company focusing on our customers satisfaction.

Friendly Pre-sales Support

We pride ourselves in the level of customer service we offer, before and after the sale. We offer full refund minus shipping costs if returned unused.

Competitive Prices

As an online business we aim to deliver a great quality product at a competitive price. Tested with satisfaction since 2013 in Australia.

DECKO composite wood decking squares are engineered to be a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber used in outdoor lifestyle projects. Designed and tested in Australia specifically for the harsh local climate, it looks and feels like natural wood, however, it is free from the typical timber maintenance and durability issues. 

We offer pre-sales customer service via our contact form, or via email, WhatsApp, messenger or by texting or calling us on 0466878023.

We are happy to answer any question related to the nature of the product, the shipping process, how many tiles you will need, or any other information in order to provide you with the best shopping experience.

We offer FREE DESIGN and advice on the best install practices.

Send your site photos and area sizes to advise you on the design options and to share the  best practices for your custom project. 

We bring you the best shipping rates by tendering multiple freighters. If you are unhappy with the freight costs automatically quoted at the chheckout, please get in touch and let us try to find a better freight quote based on your address and order details.

Our Customers Say it Best:


100% Satisfaction Rate from our big customer base! Please have a look at some of our reviews:

Sam Lu

“Super great sand extremely easy to install, took less than 3 hours to install everything including cutting and trimming to suit all edges that need special attentions. My kid now is enjoying playing on this smooth and nice looking decking tiles rather than on the old pebbled concrete flooring. The nicest part is the tiles being removable at anytime if we decide to change the layout and combination. The tiles are also easy to clean and will stay fresh looking for a very long time. ”

Martin Cervantes

“We were looking for a good option for our under cover patio and discovered decking tiles. We are glad that we choose decko as they service and product have been fantastic. Excellent communication, support and quick delivery ment we have now transformed our boring looking concrete slab to a beautiful place to spend time with the family. Can't recommend them enough, super easy to install, clean and feel great to walk on bare foot.”

Michaela Pitcaithly

"Ordered the premium deck tiles in charcoal for a courtyard space, have been looking at a number of different products however nothing really met my needs in terms of quality and look of product, very happy with Decko deck tiles worked perfectly for my space and easy to install. Recommend for anyone looking to improving their outdoor space.”

The change you are looking for with Decko Deck Tiles

Move the central arrows right and left to see the difference

DECKO Composite deck tiles will transform your old looking concreted, paved, or even slippery tiled area to a pleasant, stylish, child-safe new outdoor entertaining area

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Composite Wood?

Composite wood or Wood-plastic composites (WPCs), arecomposite materialsmade of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastic(s) such as PE, PP, PVC, or PLA.

The most widespread use of wood-plastic composites is in outdoor deck floors, but it is also used for railings, fences, landscaping, cladding/siding, park benches, molding and trim, window/door frames, and also in indoor furniture.Wood-plastic composites are more environmentally friendly and requires less maintenance than the alternatives of solid wood treated with preservatives or solid wood of rot-resistant species. These materials can be molded with or without simulated wood grain details.

DECKO composite wood composition

Standard tiles are 300/300 mm and 11 tiles/sqm. Premium tiles 305/305. Use these sizes and consider the offcuts if applicbale. In general you need 11 tiles/sqm.
No, this is the advantage of the product - it is a DIY install. Very quick and easy to click in like a lego. If you need to cut any wood cutting tool can do the job.
Standard tiles are 300/300 mm and 11 tiles/sqm. Premium tiles are 305/305 mm. Use these sizes and consider the off-cuts if applicable. In general, you need 11 tiles/sqm. Download the Tile Deck Area Calculator pdf for the standard tiles by clicking here and for the premium tiles by clicking here for assistance, especially on multi-angled deck areas.
Depends on your location and the quantity ordered. Our stock is located on the Gold Coast, and can be shipped all over Australia. We will need your postcode and suburb along with the number of tiles you will order to provide you with a quote, or you can get it calculated at checkout. For large shipments and remote areas, we are tendering the freighters and regularly receive competitive rates. Contact us if the shipping cost at checkout is too high. We will do our best to get the best shipping ates available on the market for you.
They are waterproof and termite resistant, designed for outdoors. The plastic mesh under the tiles designed to drain the stormwater.
Teak and Charcoal on Standard decking tiles, Coffee Brown and Charcoal for the premium tiles.
Yes happy to assist to choose the right patterns, designs and colours. We will advise you on design ideas as well. In some cases, adding rolling riverbed stones at the edges or artificial turf tiles would add value to your outdoor space. Send your area sizes preferably as a photo of a hand scketch of your deck and photos of your space by email -
DECKO boards are made from approximately 55% hardwood chips, 35% grade A recycled HDPE plastic, resins and 10% anti-oxidation and bonding elements to enable longevity of the boards. Our products are eco friendly, use recycled materials, supporting the reduction of global deforestation and protecting our ecosystem by saving thousands of tonnes of landfill every year.
Any woodcutting tool can cut, jigsaw, dropsaw, table saw or handsaw. If you need to cut along the gaps use only a sharp knife.
No our composite wood tiles have a high wood content of 55%. Pleasant to walk on them barefoot.
Just hose it or let the rain to do the job for you. Water runs off easily taking dust or sediments from the surface. If you have grease or even red wine to clean, use boiling water and dishwasher soap and clean with a sponge.
Don't worry, take a 40 grade sandpaper and just sand it off longways. The surface is a brushed surface using sanding technology so the surface will stay as the original.
Yes, several customers are playing with that, creating borders, chess table format or just different colours for different areas.
That's not recommended as they will sink in the mud when it rains. They require a concreted, tiled, paved or old decking to support them. Anyhow, we have customers placing them on compacted roadbase.
No, this product once interlocked through install will not move, they cover the full area like a solid surface.
No, the product is designed to be non-slippery, even in rain or near to the pools when wet.
Decko Tiles offer a 10-year warranty on its products.