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💥EOFY SALE 💥 All Products are Stocked and Avaliable, Except Verdure and Soundscape - Coming Mid July 💥
💥EOFY SALE 💥 All Products are Stocked and Avaliable, Except Verdure and Soundscape - Coming Mid July 💥

DECKO Tiles Photo Gallery

We aim to provide inspiration by showing you different options for your project. Use the filters to find relevant photos fast.

Here is all our uploaded photos. Click on an image and cycle through them or use the filters above to find the most relevant pictures for your setting, as a reference for your project.

Unlock the power of creative designs, where innovation meets artistry, and bring your visions to life with boundless possibilities.

This popular colour seems lighter grey in the sun and it is the best choice for modernising your outdoors.

Brown Tiles have the classic deck colour resembling merbau natural wood decks.

Teak Tiles brighten covered areas and heat up the least in the sun.

These Grass tiles can look exactly like natural grass, they dry very quickly after the rain draining the water underneath and interlock with the Decking Tiles and edges as well.

Our customers have shared photos of their projects before, during and after install to give you the idea of the transformation that is achievable with DECKO Tiles.

A very popular use of DECKO Tiles is resurfacing old and even new decks because nobody wants to keep sanding, painting, staining and performing other maintenance on their decks every 6 months and pay the bills.

Even if your paved or brick area is not perfectly even, you can still install our tiles over it. They have certain level of flexibility and bridging sinked areas once self interlocked.

These tiles were designed to transform dusty, uneven, discoloured and broken concreted surfaces. Our customers are sharing them "magic" on hgow the discoloured, painted ugly surfaces are reborn...

Even in new homes, our customers resurface their slippery and cold tiled surfaces with DECKO Tiles so the area is safer for kids and more pleasant barefoot, without the heat convection of cols surfaces.

With these tiles you can cover steps and vertical surfaces as well by using bigger drops of liquid nail or polyurethane based silicon glue. There are multiple options to manage edges - with ramps or using aluminium angles.

Teak tiles with a view

Teak tiles next to the house

Charcoal tiles in an indoor/outdoor area

Brown tiles and edges laid in a creative pattern.

Waterfront view and Charcoal Tiles

After laying charcoal tiles

Grass tiles on top of a high rise!

Creating a Natural Ambiance with Teak DECKO Tiles

Outstanding Results with Budget-Friendly Grass Tiles

Brown Tiles integrated onto stairs

Unfinished Concrete Transformed with Charcoal and Grass Tiles

Goodbye Maintenance, Hello Timeless Teak Tiles 😊

Creating a Charcoal-Toned Ambiance with Deck Tiles

Family Project! Done in Less than a day.

Creative Grass and Charcoal tile pattern

Gorgeous pattern laid over wooden deck

Grass tiles on top of a skyscraper. No Glue, No Screws!

Creating a Chic Charcoal Ambiance with Deck Tiles

Brown tiles meet Grass Tiles

Teak tiles with a view!

Brown Tiles at the House Entrance: A Welcoming Touch.

Charcoal Tiles used in a popular bar in Perth!

Charcoal Tiles with a creative spin

Capturing the Warmth of Teak Tiles

Another Stairway to Elegance: Brown Tiles

Grass tiles being laid on a Highrise in Melbourne CBD

Time Gone for Cold Concrete: Embrace Charcoal Tiles

Captivating Charisma: The Allure of Charcoal Tiles

Teak tiles on pavers under a pergola

Teak tiles, brighten outdoor areas

Matching charcoal deck tiles and furniture

Brown ramp edges and grass tiles, perfect for dog beds!

Brown deck tiles with a view

Charcoal tiles around a pool with aluminium edging

Standard concrete patio covered with teak tiles

Tiled area being covered up by brown tiles

Another option for stairs using an aluminium angle

Charcoal tiles and a great ambiance

Charcoal Tiles on a paved base

The view from inside the house with Brown DECKO Tiles

Close up of brown tiles

Grass and Charcoal tiles next to a pool

Paved patio covered with brown tiles

Teak tiles used to resurface a wooden deck

Before and after Teak DECKO Tiles

Close up of charcoal tiles

Charcoal tiles around a spa

Charcoal tiles add to the modern design

Quaint outdoors with Teak Tiles

Charcoal tiles in rectangular patterns

Brown tiles used to resurface a wooden deck

Grass tiles - NO waste of water, NO mowing or maintenance

Brown tiles at the outdoor seating space of a restaurant

Charcoal tiles as a walkway

Outstanding result with budget costs

Outstanding, stylish fresh look

Brown tiles with ramp edges

Unfinished Charcoal tiles on concrete

Brown tiles under a patio

Nicely cut brown tile around timber post

Quaint outdoors with Teak tiles.

Brown tiles, blonde hair

Teak tiles on a stylish veranda

Charcoal tiles complement poolside patio

Charcoal tiles and some nice furniture

Charcoal tiles in a restaurant with interesting lighting

House entrance surfaced over with DECKO Tiles

Charcoal times in a beautiful location

Charcoal tiles laid inline

Charcoal tiles expertly cut along the edge

Resurfacing a timber deck

Old deck resurfacing

Charcoal tiles with a view!

Lay the tiles in any way you like!

Teak tiles on a veranda

Before and after Brown tiles