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💥10-20% OFF SPC Flooring - Buy More, Save More!



Decko Tiles come with a 10 year warranty for residential usage and a 7 years warranty for commercial usage, providing they are installed as per our specifications and guidelines. 

If your decking tiles were installed as per our instructions, used in a conventional way, we will replace the defective product if it cracks, splinters, bows, suffers an infestation of wood borers or termites. It is the responsibility of the owner to pay for costs associated with labour of replacing and shipping the product. We have been commercialising the Decking Tiles since 2013 in Australia, and didn't have any issues or warranty claims with them.

Our warranty does not cover, and we are not responsible for any conditions caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear by exposure to the sunlight & weather such as scratching, fading, discolouring, accumulating dirt or stains and non structural cracks or splits.
  • Slight variations in colour.
  • Physical or natural disaster damages.
  • Damage caused by being exposed to rust, solvents, barbecues, heavy duty cleaners or fires.
  • Improper installation by not following our installation guidelines. 
  • Not using the product in a conventional way or as per local building codes.
  • Environmental influences such as air pollution, mould, dirt, grease etc.
  • Inappropriate handling, storage, abuse or neglecting of Decko products by not following our guidelines.
These warranty conditions cover the main products commercialised under the DECKO Composite Wood Tiles.