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👍In January Stocks available at all locations to order. 💥 Local Pickups limited to above $300 orders!
👍In January Stocks available at all locations to order. 💥 Local Pickups limited to above $300 orders!

The BEST Decking Tiles!

DECKO prides itself on providing you with durable, safe and anti-slip tiles (rating R10), with a strong interlocking system that does not click or wobble on slightly uneven ground, or allow movement underfooted.

The interlocking mesh clips together like Lego and stays in place without any screws or glue! If cuts are needed, any wood cutting tool can shape the tiles in the way you desire.

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Our Story

We decided to focus on DECKO Tiles with Premium features after building hundreds of decks in 7 years for our customers which costs 3-4 times more with plenty of compromises. Our aim is to make them available to everyone - a quality product at a competitive price. Decko Tiles are DIY, Maintenance Free, very Durable and Stylish. We have not received a single customer complaint about this product since 2013 we commercialize them in Australia. Our customer feedback is impressive. They often use our tiles to resurface old and young decks to avoid maintenance, on concreted, paved or even freshly tiled surfaces. They are safer for children and have a pleasant, warm feel when you spend time on them barefoot, without the convection of cold surfaces.

We operate dispatch centres at Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth in Australia, others in Europe and New Zealand. What we can see from our customers' feedback is  Read more...

How to lay our decking tiles? 40 sec video laying 63 sqm of tiles - (On average 1 minute required for 1 sqm without cuts)

Outstanding Premium Features for Our Decking Tiles

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Outdoor Transformations with DECKO Tiles

Thank you for considering our products for your outdoor flooring project!

There is no perfect product for outdoor decking or fencing, but due to the high maintenance costs required for a classic timber deck, in addition to the rotting issues, the composite wood solution is still the best, especially in the Australian weather conditions.