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Why Property Owners are

Increasingly Choosing Decko Tiles


Enhances your Ambiance and Changes your Mood.

At Decko, we focus not on selling tiles, but improving your ambience and consequently your mood! It is never about the product, rather the way it makes you feel! That is what we intend to accomplish.


 It is the Smart Choice

Maintenance free! They require no oiling or staining like traditional wooden decks and you can live free of worry since they will not rot or house termites.


Easy and Quick to DIY

The interlocking mesh clips together like Lego and stays in place without any screws or glue! If cuts are needed any wood cutting tool can shape the tiles in the way you desire.


Trustworthy business partner

Decko aims to conduct business in an honest, fair and straight forward manner, offers 10 years warranty the products, and works to satisfy customers.


Value for Money

On average, Decko Tiles are 3 times cheaper than building a traditional deck, when you factor in the frame, joists, clips, screws, and installation cost.


Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Save trees and the environment! Decko’s composite wood is made from 95% recycled materials! 55% recycled wood and 45% HDPE and bonding resins. 


5 Star Revies and happy clients.

Decko has a 4.9 Star rating on Google!

“As the video so easy to put together & easy to cut.” - Gloria Clinch

“Fantastic product and so easy to lay and looks great and with no need to have floor perfectly smooth” – Ross McLelland

“These look fantastic and were so easy to put together. My outdoor area has been transformed!” - Courtney Weston


Safe to Use

Decko prides itself on providing you with durable, safe and anti-slip tiles (rating R10), with a strong interlocking system that does not click or wobble on slightly uneven ground, or allow movement underfooted.


Allows your Creativity to Run Wild

The versatility is unmatched. Customers always surprise us with new ways to use Decko Tiles, whether that be a giant chess board, easy to clean dog kennel extension, or truly impressive designs by mixing and matching tiles.



It is just as easy to remove them as it is to lay them, so do not worry if you are renting and must relocate, just take the tiles with you!

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