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💥EOFY SALE 💥 All Products are Stocked and Avaliable, Except Verdure and Soundscape - Coming Mid July 💥
💥EOFY SALE 💥 All Products are Stocked and Avaliable, Except Verdure and Soundscape - Coming Mid July 💥

Step Edge - DECKO Hybrid SPC Flooring

Original price $26.00 - Original price $26.00
Original price $26.00
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Price: $26 each
Plank size: 1220/115/24 mm

Description: These Step Edges match your selected DECKO SPC Hybrid Flooring for a stylish finish to your stairs. Step Edges are used on the edges of stair steps for a sleek transition from the horizontal plane to vertical. The exposed end is rounded and overlaps the horizontal board, while the back and sides of the Step Edge interlock into surrounding DECKO Hybrid SPC boards just like they would normally interlock into each other.

  • Unilin Patented self-interlocking watertight technology
  • 100% waterproof with watertight joints
  • 5mm thick, perfect for laying over existing flooring
  • Antibacterial and Antifouling surface
  • Healthy, Clean – Formaldehyde free
  • Ultra-realistic natural wood look
  • Hard-core Stone Polymer Composite with excellent dent resistance
  • Fireproof 
  • High wear and scratch resistance (0.3mm wear layer)
  • Nonslip and pet friendly
  • UV resistant and keeps colour
  • Integrated acoustic EVA underlay padding reduces sound and vibration
  • Easy cut technology, using only a Stanley knife


  • 10 years residential and 6 years commercial warranty
  • Very durable with excellent dent resistance (commercial grade)
  • Designed to be as easy as possible to DIY
  • No additional underlay required
  • Floating floor type, no adhesives required
  • Applicable over floor heating
  • Can be laid on existing flooring, even tiles! (except carpet)
  • Commercial fit outs (DECKO SPC has commercial grade durability)
  • Residential homes for ANY ROOM
  • Lay directly over existing flooring, even tiles! (except carpet)
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers (Yes, right underneath the shower head. NZBC E3 compliant)
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms
  • Hallways
  • Hybrid indoor/outdoor spaces
The SPC Core itself is made from 60% limestone, and the rest is Polyvinyl Chloride and plasticizers. 

5 distinct layers of a DECKO SPC board:
  • UV coat
  • Wear layer
  • Décor film layer
  • SPC core
  • EVA back padding
  • For all SPC flooring boards installed on stairs, not only the Step Edges, adhesive sealant glue must be applied at the bottom to prevent any chance of them sliding out while walking on the stairs. However, before using the adhesive, cut everything to shape and test fit to make sure it will work.
  • Make sure the vertical face of the stair has already had the SPC boards installed on it, and on the horizontal face, the board(s) that the step edge will clip into has been trimmed correctly for the nose of the step edge to neatly cover the vertical piece of SPC board.
  • lastly once everything has been test fitted, use glue to glue down the boards to the steps. You can advance with it stair step by stair step
At DECKO, the entire flooring process can be completely DIY, with the SPC planks having seamless interlocking edges, a special easy to install skirting system with 45-degree pre-cut ends for easy and strong hidden joins and a DIY Toolbox to help cuts and install.