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Our Story

Decko Outdoor Tiles Story

We were always committed to eco-friendly, energy-efficient, sustainable building solutions and practices. Since 2012 in Australia with an elan and commitment, we started to deliver maintenance-free, rust- and rot-free aluminium-framed decks made with composite wood boards; and we developed fencing systems. After many years of working with different composite wood products, installing them and experiencing the pros and cons, we came to realise the power of our decking tiles. Being less than a third of the price of traditional decks, there is no need for professionals, no red tape, certifiers or council certification when building a deck. Our tiles have all the advantages which not even decking boards can deliver as too many compromises must be made with decking boards.

Decko Tiles are DIY, maintenance free, very durable and super stylish. We have not received a single customer complaint about this product in all these years. We decided to focus on Decko Tiles with premium features and make them available to as many people as possible - a quality product at a competitive price. Our customer feedback is impressive. Our customers often use our tiles to resurface old and young decks to avoid maintenance, or on concrete or even freshly tiled hard surfaces. They are safer for children and have a pleasant, warm feel when you spend time on them barefoot.

After the Gold Coast, two additional dispatch centres at Perth and Melbourne have opened in 2020 in Australia, others in Europe and New Zealand opened too. What we can see from our customers' feedback is that there are competing products on the market, but Decko Tiles are different and better - premium quality with plenty of advantages. Click here to see our tiles.