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Installation Instructions

 These guidelines are recommendations and it is our customers liability to undertake the installation with caution and safety to prevent any accidents under the install. Please consider also our advise on cleaning after install - an abundent rain or a hosing, in case pressure cleaner would take away, wash down the technology dust from the surface which especially on covered areas can leave sediment marks after a light rain for example. 

Safety First - Handling & Care of DECKO Tiles - Our 12.5 kg carton boxes are containing up to 11 tiles and is safe for handling and transporting. The carton boxes are manufactured in an eco-friendly way from recycled paper. Please recycle when dispose them as well at a community carton box recycling place or placing them on recycling bin.

When tiles are staccked on top of each other under install, they can be slippery, so do not walk on stacked, piled tiles. 

Before installing consider edging options. Adequate drainage of your tile area should be secured. Not always indicated to have an edging. Ideally your dranaige area will be turf or a rolling stone bed levelled with the top surface of your deck.



Please store DECKO tile boxes in dry area until install to keep the integrity of boxes for handling, even the product inside is waterproof. 

Skin contact: If skin or hair contact occurs with the dust from cuts, wash with soap and water. 

Eye contact: If dust enters the eyes, wash out immediately with water. In all cases of eye contamination, it is a sensible precaution to seek medical advice.

One of the best features of Decko Tiles is that installation is simple and quick due to them self interlocking systems without the need to purchase any special tools to complete the job. 



  • DECKO Tiles doesn't require any glue, screw or other fasteners to be used
  • They self interlock and all area covered became a safe, non slip and no movements should be expected. 
  • Due to them flexibility and size, they will be not balancing or clicking on they supporting area. Slightly uneven aras can be also covered with the tiles.
  • Recommended to install first the full tile sizes and where cuts requested due to a pipe, post or shape of the deck to be installed as last tile items.
  • Always check if offcuts if that is the case can be reused on an other location requested. 
  • Ensure the perfectly straight direction of the first tile as the rest of the boards will follow the same angle. 
  • You can use any kind of wood cutting tool. Please check the cutting line and if screw is on the way remove before the cut.
  • Always look for the best corner to start considering the cuts if they needed. The most exposed and visible corner should start with full tiles. The tiles if need cut better they are the ones near to the wall of the home. Start laying from outside corner in.