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  1. Why is hollow core board better than solid core board?

Most composite deck board manufacturers offer only solid core boards. This is largely due to the speed and ease of the manufacturing process of solid core boards compared to the process of extruding hollow boards. RUBICAB Projects is one of the few companies in Australia that offers a hollow board – our proprietary brand DECKO. The main reasons we chose to develop the hollow core are:

  • The weight of a DECKO hollow board is as much as 32% lower than the weight of a solid board which makes working with the board easier and faster while creating less stress on the substructure of the deck. The DECKO board is structurally as strong as the solid board and is installed with the same span.
  • In the hot Australian climate, a common problem for outdoor lovers is the unbearably hot surface of their deck and heat expansion and contraction causing the boards to split, warp or bend. DECKO hollow boards enable effective air ventilation providing a cooling effect to the whole deck and reducing the heat expansion and contraction.
  • Because the DECKO board is hollow it uses less material in the manufacturing process, and the cost saved is passed on to the customer.

2 - Are longer DECKO board lengths available?Yes. Depending on volume we can supply any size you like. However, with all brands of composites there is some expansion and shrinkage depending on the ambient temperature. The longer and thicker the product is the more it shrinks and expands. 5.5m lengths can expand as much +/- 15mm. However, with our standard 2.2m lengths variation is only +/- 2-3 mm. Also, it is important to note that solids expand more than the hollow composites.

  1. Does the colour of DECKO boards fade?

As a fully extruded product the coloring of DECKO boards extends through the complete board, which assists with fading resistance. However all composites exposed to the environment will experience some minor fading. There will generally be some initial weathering for the first few months after installation and then the colour stabilises. The change is only by a few shades and is generally unnoticeable. The deck should be cleaned regularly as dust and dirt will make the colour appearance lighter.

  1. What is the slip rating of DECKO Boards?

The Australian Industry standard for slip resistance is …..?

DECKO boards are rated R10..

Oil-Wet Inclining Platform Test Appendix D and P3 Wet Pendulum Test Appendix A AS 4586:2013

  1. Can DECKO cladding be installed vertically?

Yes DECKO cladding which interlock on both sides especially the WP-04 Premium Cladding are suitable for vertical installation. 

  1. If I want to complete the project as a DIY installation can you assist?

There is nothing more satisfying for a home enthusiast than the completion a successful personally managed DIY project

Our obligation free quotes include detailed technical information regarding your project requirements and our products are delivered 

  1. What are DECKO boards made of?

DECKO boards are made from approximately 55% hardwood chips, 35% grade A recycled HDPE plastic and 10% anti-oxidation and bonding elements to enable longevity of the boards. We only use recycled materials, supporting the reduction of global deforestation and protecting our ecosystem by saving thousands of tonnes of landfill every year.

  1. How long is the warranty on RUBICAB products?

RUBICAB Projects offers a 10 year guarantee on all our DECKO composite wood products fit for residential purpose, and 7 years warranty for commercial applications.