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💥10-20% OFF SPC Flooring - Buy More, Save More!

DECKO SPC Flooring Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of our SPC floors is very straight forward. This page will guide you through all the key aspects to care for your DECKO SPC flooring, so you can get the most out of it.



No matter the type of flooring you have, they all require regular cleaning of dust and dirt by the use of a vacuum cleaner or a broom. SPC flooring has a hard surface which dirt and fluff doesn't stick to easily like carpet, so this job should be easy and performed at least once a week, or when visibly required. Your vacuum doesn't need to have a beater bar either.



Mopping can be done less frequently than sweeping or vacuuming. Mix warm water with a mild or pH neutral solution, do not use harsh and abrasive solutions such as bleach, as this should not be required under normal circumstances. Thanks to the SPC flooring's waterproof feature, the water from mopping will not harm it like laminate flooring. With that being said, there is no use in flooding the floor as that may dry with water spots.


Do not steam clean your SPC flooring as the plank's layers may detach from one another due to the combined very high heat and moisture of this type of cleaning


Quick tips:

  • Clean up spillage quickly to avoid the possibility of any stains forming
  • Stubborn stains can be cleaned by applying a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to a rag and rubbing the surface.
  • Use felt tips on your chairs and other furniture to prolong the life of your SPC flooring.
  • While DECKO SPC flooring's top coat does prevent the spread of fire, but cigarette butts or other hot objects left on it may discolour the plank.