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Care & Maintenance


DECKO composite wood decks and other products are durable and with appropriate care should provide you with many years of low maintenance enjoyment.

Although DECKO products require minimal upkeep, there are some basic tips to keep them looking great for many years to come. Regular sweeping and hosing are all that is generally required for basic maintenance of your deck.

We also recommend the following further measures to maintain and prevent damage to your DECKO deck.

  • Cleaning your deck especially affected by a BBQ grease or other accidents is best done simply hot water from a cattle, with soap and a sponge mop or stiff brush along the grain. Avoid using any heavy commercial cleaning solutions. DO not use bleach as it will affect the colour of your boards significantly.
  • It’s important to regularly clean the deck of debris, dust and mud where possible before it builds up in the gaps and cracks. A blower/vacuum or brush will do the job.
  • We recommend a maintenance clean using a high-pressure water washer with a maximum power output of 2500psi and a 25 degree spray tip at a 35 degree angle every 6-12 months. Ensure you spray with the grain of your deck along the length of the boards as spraying across the surface can cause damage. Try to ensure that each plank is sprayed with 100% coverage per pass.
  • Do not allow metal items prone to rust to sit on your deck for extended periods of time
  • Clean stains as soon as possible if spillage occurs. Clean with warm soapy water, hose and a firm brush or 40 grade sanding paper if the case.
  • Place an outdoor mat or protector around BBQs to avoid fat and grease stains. Such stains can also be removed if necessary with the assistance of sandpaper after thorough washing with hot soapy water.

Painting, Sealing and Staining

We strongly recommend against applying a 3rd party coating to DECKO products. However, if you do decide for some reason to apply an external coating it should be done when the deck is fully cleaned and dried. Be aware that if you do apply an external coating, your warranty will be voided.

Scratches and Scuffs

Be aware that any sharp or hard objects such as furniture legs or rocks can scratch your deck, so make sure you protect the surface as much as possible. It’s typical that exposure to the sun will naturally cause small scratches to fade away within few weeks. DECKO boards also have the advantage of being made using an extrusion process which means the material is the same all through the board compared to other composites which have foils or coatings as the top layer. You can use 40 grade sandpaper to remove any accidental scratch or stubborn stains without damaging most DECKO boards. Just gently brush the area and apply a wet cloth afterwards.

Water Stains

You might notice some water stains on the surface of the boards after rainwater has evaporated. Water staining is relatively common, especially in the first months after the installation, as the wood component in composites releases tannin with the industrial sanding dust remains on the surface. It should disappear after heavy rains or if covered hosing and moping after is the right way of cleaning them.

Staining is normally more prominent in lighter colours and will vary dependent on environmental conditions such as local flora and fauna around the deck which might exacerbate staining. Avoid dripping and pooling of water on the deck where possible to avoid excessive water stains. These can generally be cleaned with  water and a mop. 

Please feel free to get in touch with the Decko team if you’re unsure about any maintenance issues. We’re more than happy to assist in keeping your deck or other Decko product in tip top condition!