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DECKO Composite Wood

DECKO composite wood is engineered as a long-lasting and low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber for outdoor lifestyle projects. Designed and tested in Australia specifically for the harsh local climate it looks and feels like natural wood but suffers from none of the typical timber maintenance and durability issues.

DECKO composite wood is comprised of 95% recycled materials including 55% hardwood. It's weather, stain, termite, and UV resistant. DECKO is scratch-proof unless done deliberately, doesn’t split, is lightweight, and practically maintenance free. It doesn't rot and or attract mould, even in wet environments such as pool areas. It has a slip resistance rating of R10, thus making it the perfect material for your pool deck. It will never require oiling, staining or painting so no harsh chemicals and their associated cost and labour are necessary over it’s lifetime. Furthermore it’s covered by a ten year warranty for residential use and a seven year warranty for commercial use.

DECKO Features

  • R10 rated slip resistant
  • Won’t warp, split or crack or rot
  • Mildew and termite and stain resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Broad range of textures and finishes
  • Modular flat pack delivery
  • No screws or nails required
  • Suitable for DIYers and quick to install
  • Suitable for laying on any flat, solid surface
  • 10 year consumer warranty

DECKO boards come in a stylish earthy colour range and four different types of surface – wood grain, brushed, reeded, and wood textured. All the board styles closely mimic a natural timber look and will feel virtually the same as traditional timber under bare feet.

DECKO Board Structure

Many composite wood brands utilise a solid core with an external surface skin or shell containing the wood finish and texture.

DECKO boards are manufactured using a machined extrusion process which produces a proprietary hollow box section board structure that offers a number of advantages over the solid board alternative.

Firstly it ensures complete product consistency in terms of colour, shape and finish. The material is the same all the way through the board, not just a surface treatment. Deep scratches in veneer finish boards can result in the surface being penetrated through to the core permanently scarring the surface, whereas DECKO boards that are scratched can generally be fixed with a light sanding.

The hollow structure is equal to that of a solid board in terms of structural rigidity, but lighter to work with and more cost effective in terms of the amount of composite wood material required per board.

The hollow structure also allows drainage and ventilation which enables more effective heat dissipation when exposed to the harsh Australian sun. This ensures the boards are cooler under foot and minimises board expansion and contraction which occurs with ambient temperature variations.


Utilising our unique hidden fastener system, the decking has the ability to flex as well as expand and contract with ambient air temperature changes. This prevents the boards from warping, cracking or splitting and ensures a consistent, smooth and safe deck surface.

DECKO is designed to give you all the benefits of traditional timber with none of the disadvantages. For virtually maintenance free, cost effective and stylish outdoor living projects, DECKO is the product of choice.