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DECKO Cladding WP04 on sale- 2950/176/20mm (price/board covers 150 mm in height)

Save 25%
Original price $34.50
Current price $25.85

CladdingEquates to: $53.1 / sqm or $7.96 lm + GST.

Description: Can be installed horizontally and vertically as well. DECKO composite wall cladding is a perfect alternative to traditional weatherboard cladding materials. No more maintenance, termites or rotting.

Comprising the proprietary DECKO hollow board construction and using our innovative self interlocking system with concealed screws they can be installed horizontally, vertically or even used on ceilings.

Sizing: 2950/176(150)/20mm.

To install: If your wall to be cladded is made of a material that can be screwed into (such as timber) and is also flat, then there is no need for joists, but if it is a harder finish (eg. brick) joists will need to be fixed to the wall first. These cladding boards do not require clips, simply screw through the bit of the board that will be covered by the next one, into the joist.

Shipping: Generally around 3-9% of the product cost. We offer Australia wide delivery and always source the most competitive prices available.