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D e c k i n g  T i l e s  S p e c i a l i s t s

DECKO DIY Decking Tiles are your best outdoors flooring solution.

Whether you will lay it on concrete or on your old deck, it will transform your outdoor space and give you a durable, economical, safe, worry-free and maintenance free flooring..

DECKO Decking Tiles are rot resistant, termite resistant, mould resistant and mildew resistant.


DECKO Tiles are very easily installed, thanks to the self interlocking techqnique of laying the tiles. They are easily cut and put in different patterns.

Enviroment Friendly

DECKO Tiles are made from mostly recycled material and are themselves recyclable. Enjoy your deck are without impacting the forests footprint.

DECKO Tiles drains stormwater

DECKO Tiles are carefully designed to suit Australia's weather conditions. They don't change their colour, withstand  the sun and get rid of the storm water.

Maintenance Free, Worry free and fabulous!

No need for costy sanding, oiling etc..

DECKO Tiles are there to make your life easier. Being maintenance free will not only save your money, but will also enable you to enjoy your outdoor space.

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Your amazingly best outdoor flooring solution!